Finding Your Niche

The more I blog, the more I come across terms that I hear repeatedly.  Niche is one of those terms.  Blog in your niche.  Follow blogs in your niche.  Branch out to other niches.  Niche, niche, niche.


Blogging within your niche is very important.  I blog (mostly) about engineering, because that is what I know.  I don’t want to come across that I am an absolute expert, or know everything, but I just want to throw some useful information out there.  What I am discovering however, is that maybe engineering isn’t that exciting of a niche.   Or a lot of us engineers already know everything, so why would I need to seek out a blog to learn anything else? (Ok, so we aren’t known for our sense humor either.)  But I’m hoping enough people want to know a little more about how things work, not just taking for granted that they do.

What I am discovering, is that blogging itself is a niche.  And a very big one!  I googled ‘engineering blogs’.  46,200,000 results showed up. That’s a lot! (I think mine must be about number 46,199,998).  Then I googled just ‘blogs’ 2,670,000,000!  So just 1.7% of blogs are about engineering.  And that is misleading, since many of those results may be for the same blog, or matching just one word in the search.  But offering tips, shortcuts, hacks, and advice about HOW to blog is definitely a topic in itself!

Following other blogs in your niche can help you out too. Commenting on other blogs is a great way for others to find out about your blog.  Especially if you are commenting on other blogs in your niche.   Others may see your comments and decide to check out your blog too.   You can do internet searches for similar blogs, and see what those at the top are doing right.

So yes, I think you need to blog what you know about, but also don’t be afraid to branch out.  Blog about things you kinda know about.  Or maybe even just about things you like.  Offer reviews, tips, etc. about what you know.  If I can answer one person’s question, I feel like my blogged has helped out.  Maybe you aren’t an expert on a topic, but maybe you know a great hack or shortcut to help out.  That to me is one of the things blogging is all about.   Don’t just blog to be blogging, but blog with a purpose.

Whatever you decide to blog about, enjoy yourself.  Yes, you want readers and subscribers.  But blog for yourself too.   It is definitely work, but don’t make yourself frantic and miserable.   Have fun and good luck!


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  1. Sharon Wu

    Such a great post! Love the idea behind finding your own niche. I’m still working on mine but fashion is definitely up there! xo, sharon

    1. theengineersadvice (Post author)

      Thank you so much! Best of luck on your blog!

  2. Arfa

    I liked where you said ‘blog for yourself too’.
    Liked the post about importance of niche.

    1. theengineersadvice (Post author)

      I think we have all been guilty of worrying about what everyone else will think or wants to hear, instead of blogging for ourselves. Thanks for the visit!

  3. Lee MacArthur

    I am one of those folks who has a general blog and a teaching math blog. I”m one of who knows how many millions and I get a huge 20 to 30 regular readers because my topic is kind of limited like engineering. I feel for you.


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