So I’m branching out a bit, and thought I’d get a little into the ‘Dad Blog’ niche. First a disclaimer: Yes, I’m a dad, but in NO WAY do I think I know everything about parenting. I have two teenagers, and our house hasn’t burned down, so maybe I’m doing something right. I just thought every now and again I’d throw some advice out there, or share a story that might be helpful to other dads and parents out there.  For instance; how many dads have had to carry an ugly flowerdy diaper bag.  I mean, you didn’t pick it out, but there you are walking into Applebees with that silly looking bag.  I saw a guy a while back walk in with his family, and behold!  He was using a backpack as a diaper bag! Brilliant!  Why hadn’t I thought of that?! See, by letting you in on this nugget, you will now be the cool dad instead of ‘look at that poor sap carrying that ugly paisley diaper bag’.

Dad Blog Blogging

Every parent thinks their kids are the greatest. I’m no different. Little things that may seem like no big deal to anyone else are a huge deal to me. But that’s one of the things that makes being a parent so great, the little unpredictable things. I’d like this part of my blog to be a place where a dad, or any other parent, grandparent, guardian, whoever, to be able to visit and maybe even share a laugh. What makes your kid the greatest? What funny, touching, or just plain out absurd thing have they done that’s worth sharing?

First Dad Blog Father Blogging

And not only kids, but I want this site to be open to whatever you want to share. Got some advice on saving some coin? Let’s hear about it. Did you get your child the new and improved best toy ever? I wanna hear how that thing REALLY works.  Frustrating story of the latest appliance blow up? Share it, and maybe others can follow your example of what (or what NOT) to do to fix it. There is almost no greater feeling than Youtubing ‘how to fix a washing machine agitator that won’t agitate’, buying the parts yourself and fixing it. Well, there are all kinds of greater feelings, like watching your child walk the first time, but fixing a major appliance yourself feels pretty dang good.

I know there are already a ton of Dad Blogs out there, but there are so many stories and so much advice that I thought I would include the topic here on my blog.   Thanks for stopping by my blog, and don’t hesitate to drop a comment, suggestion, or story of your own.