Oil and Chip

So my first question came today on my facebook page.
The question was about how much oil and chip to use for a driveway.
If you make one pass, referred to as A-1, the quantities are as follows:
0.25 gallons per square yard for oil, and
25 pounds per square yard divided by 2000 pounds to get tons of chips.
For Example:  A 100′ long by 10′ wide driveway
100*10 = 1000 square feet/9 to get 111.11 square yards.
0.25 gallons/square yard * 111.11 square yards = 27.78 gallons of oil
25 pounds/square yard * 111.11 square yards /2000 pounds/ton = 1.39 tons of rock (for chips use CA-16)

If you wish to have a thicker surface, simply double the quantities for two passes (A-2), or triple for three passes (A-3).


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