Money Making App Reviews

Today I will review the money making/saving apps that I have tried.   There are many more out there, but I have personally used these.   If you are interested in trying any of these, please use my referral code if there is one.

Checkpoints:  This app will let you ‘check in’ for points which turn into cash.   It uses your location to search for ‘check ins’ near you.  Most check ins are worth 2 points,   however some are worth up to 10.  You can check in about every two minutes if you are on the move.  Depending on your geographic area, there may not be many check ins.  You can also earn points for watching movie trailers.  The good thing about this is that you can click watch all, turn your sound off, and just let them play (NOT good on the data plan though unless you are getting wifi).  You get one point for each trailer watched.  They don’t update terribly often, so this could get real boring.  You can redeem your points for gift cards, make donations, or gamble them on slots or lotto to try to earn even more points.  Overall, this is a pretty good app.  I’ve made about $10 over two months, without a terrible amount of effort.  I’d give it a 7/10. If you want to try this app, please use my referral code mattbar45.

UPDATE: 11/22/2017

I had been pretty happy with the Checkpoints app, and actually recently cashed out for a $25 gift card from Amazon. The check-ins are where most of my points come from. You can check in 10 times per day, at 2 points per check in. This alone puts you at 20 points per day, or 7300 per year.  The $25 gift card was 8375 points.  So in just over a year, you could use just check ins to get rewards.  But just this Monday, I noticed I could only check in 5 times per day, cutting yearly points in half.  Now it takes much longer to earn rewards.  I received no notification of the change.  I guess I shouldn’t complain, after all, it is free money for just hitting a button, but it was a disappointing change.

UPDATE 1/4/17

I noticed a few days ago that the check-ins are back to 10 per day.  Also, some of the ‘drive-by’ check ins have been giving me up to 20 points.  These are triggered by being in the proximity of a participating business, and a little notification will pop up on your phone.  I haven’t got a lot of these, but at 20 points at a time, they sure add up!

Ibotta: The Ibotta app searches for rebates that are searchable by store or catagory.  If you buy an eligible item, you can scan it, then scan your receipt for proof of purchase and get back the rebate.  The rebates are available through Paypal or other available gift cards, with a $20.00 minimum cash out.  So far, I have only managed to get about $4.  It is tedious searching for the items with a rebate, scanning them, then going back and scanning your receipt.  You would think you would just be able to scan your receipt for available items.  The referral payout is $5 for anyone you refer, which is pretty good.  Overall, I’d say this is about a 4/10 for me.   If you wish to try this app, please use my referral code of yydzgg.

Inbox Dollars:  You can make money with this app in several different, and sometimes confusing ways.   Right off the bat there is a $5 sign up bonus.  You can earn money from taking surveys.  There may be  a few problems here.  First, most surveys you are putting your email address into.  Here comes the spam.  I took several surveys at first, and now I’m fighting so much spam, that my filter on my phone is full.  If you don’t minding sending ads to junk, then so be it.  The other is that you may spend 10 minutes or more filling out a survey then get ‘I’m sorry you do not qualify for this survey.’ THAT is frustrating.  Sometimes you will get ‘spins’ for surveys you did not qualify for.  These spins may land you on $, sweeps, or nothing. (mostly sweeps it seems).  Sweeps can be used to try for gift card drawings.  For instance, you may spend 25 sweeps to try to get a $25 Target gift card.  I’ve never won at a ‘sweep’ yet.  You can make money by signing up for ‘offers’ that may be magazines, credit cards, etc.  So the $2 you may make for signing up, may be wiped out by whatever it is you are signing up for.  These offers, even if free, may open you up for spam again also.   Paid emails are another way to earn.  You may get $.01 for reading a paid email, which I get about twice a day.  These emails then lead to more offers or surveys.   You can also make money by downloading apps and trying them out.  I have not done this, because yet again you are opening yourself to a flood of spam.  You may have to download, and play a level before you get credit.  Search is another way to earn.  You get credit for up to 4 searches a day, 4 times a week.  I used to get maybe 1 or 2 cents, but anymore it seems I just get ‘sweeps’.  You can watch videos, which may be short ads for apps.  Basically you are watching commercials.   You get cash and sweeps.  You get  a few extra sweeps for 10, 25 and 50 videos watched.   Not a bad way to earn if you are on the treadmill or otherwise killing time.   The minimum payout for this app is $30.  After two months, I’m only up to about $15, and that includes the $5 sign up bonus.  I’d say for the time you have to put in, this app gets a 3/10.

Receipt Hog:  Receipt Hog scans your receipts, which earns you coins.  Under $10, 5 coins, up to $50, 10 coins, up to $100, 15 coins and over $100 20 coins.  You also get a sweepstakes entry per receipt.  The receipts that count are for grocery items, health items, beauty products and more.  You get spins for clothing stores, home improvement stores, electronic stores, sporting goods stores and more.  Spins can earn you extra coins.  You also get spins my moving up levels, which is based on how many total weeks you are feeding your hog.  By connecting with your Amazon account, you can earn bonus coins.  Prizes can be redeemed through Paypal, or Amazon.  1000 coins = $5, so it takes a while to earn.  Still waiting for my first payout, but overall pretty simple to use.  I’ll give this one a 6/10.

Slidejoy: This is probably the easiest app to use.  It replaces your lock screen with an ad.  Each swipe is worth a carat, and every 1000 carats is worth about a dollar.  Some swipes lead to a website, but probably only 1 out of every 100.  You would be surprised how many times a day you swipe your screen to unlock it.  The carats can be redeemed at Paypal, or for gift cards at several retailers.  You can also donate your carats Minimum payout on this on is $2.  The carats have to sit in you account for a month, but it shows a total vs. those payable.  You can also sign up for different offers to earn carats, but after my spam exploded, I have not taken this route.   Overall though, I’d give this a 8/10 because it does not get any easier than swiping your screen.  I’ve made about $10 so far with this app.  This is my referral code.

Swagbucks: This app has tons of ways to earn money.  Not just through the app, but on the website as well.  You earn ‘swagbucks (SB)’ for all kinds of things.  You can earn through searches, surveys, watching videos, and shopping.  You may get notifications that Swagcodes are available, that you can input.  Swag codes are usually worth 3 SB, but I have received up to 40 before.  If you do not qualify for a survey, you get SB.   Watching videos can be a little tedious.  For instance, you may get 3 SB for watching 50 minutes of videos, then the video crashes at 40 minutes.  There is no partial credit, you just wasted 40 minutes.  But if it works, just click on the video then let it run while you carry on with other tasks.    Some of the offers are really good, such as shopping at Amazon and getting up to 7% cash back.  Also, when I signed up with Bluehost to start my blog, you get 4,000 SB ($40!).  And I JUST checked this out, now the offer is 5,000 SB AND hosting for as little as $2.95/month.    You can get your SB redeemed in a ton of different ways, from gift cards to donations.  Payouts can be made starting at $5, and sometimes there are ‘sales’.  For example you may get a $25 gift card for 2200 SB instead of the usual 2500.   There is a separate app called Swagbucks TV that you can watch trailers on and earn SB, but so far SBTV has been a little buggy for me.   I’d say overall though, Swagbucks gets a 9/10.   I am up to about $60 with this app.   This is my referral link.

Walmart:  Yes Walmart.  This is actually a great app that is a simple as scanning your receipt, then it searches local stores and refunds you the money if they are cheaper.   The app is available on itunes and android.  So far in about 18 months time, I have made about $95 dollars.  The savings can be redeemed as a Walmart gift card that can be used in store or online.   The app actually has tons of features like showing the current ad, to being able to refill your Walmart prescriptions by scanning your bottle.  This one gets a 9/10.

Cartwheel:  This is Target’s money saving app.  You can scan items to see if there is a ‘deal’ on them.   Then add the ones to your cart that you want to buy.   To be honest, I haven’t used this one time.  My thinking is, shouldn’t you just get the best price without having to scan an item?  It’s not like its a rebate.  It does have a map of your local store though, which is pretty cool.  I’ll give this a 5/10, because I haven’t used it and can’t fairly judge it, but also seems like a silly process to me.

Ebates:  This is a great app for saving money.  It has cash back on tons of stores, on lots of items.  Before I shop online, I compare Ebates with the shopping on Swagbucks, and go with the higher deal.  I have seen some offers up to 25% back.  Some stores will also advertise a deal of the day, in addition to money back.  Ebates is very easy to navigate as well.   I’ll give this app an 8/10  because its straightforward, and there are real savings. This is my referral link.

Perka: This is an app that is mostly for small local businesses.  If you use the option to scan checkins, it will let you know what businesses are eligible, provided your bluetooth is on.  It can also use your location to let you know of participating vendors.  So far I have only used this at one restaurant in my area, but its good for $10 off any purchase after you spend $150.  You just scan your receipt, and it keeps track of the points.  One dollar = one point.  I live in a fairly rural area, so there aren’t many ways to save yet.  I’ll give this a 7/10, and hopefully more businesses will be participating soon.

I hope these reviews help you decide on any apps you wish to try.  There are TONS more out there, these are just the ones I have personally tried.  Most are a pretty easy way to put a little cash in your (virtual) pocket, and if you worked a little at it, you could probably save enough to pay for your monthly phone bill.  Thank you in advance for any referrals!