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Recently, in order to make a few extra dollars, I have begun looking into different apps/websites that allow the user to earn money by reviewing or testing a website or product. There are many of these sites, but today I am just going to focus on one; Validately. This website allows you to submit your website to be analyzed. You choose the parameters, and they match you up with real people to provide real feedback.

That’s where you step in.  Once you register as a tester with Validately, they may contact you wanting you to review a website.  Tests are available to take on smartphones, tablets, and PCs.  You will need to invest in a webcam, as the testing is live.  The moderators will ask you questions, and your responses are recorded.  They may ask you your opinion, or ask you to click on a certain area. You might be asked to try to go through a sample transaction, so they can get feedback on how usable the site is. Payment from Validately is through Paypal. Payment amounts vary, and some tests may be short, say 15 minutes, and some may be longer, an hour or more.

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So far I have only done one test, but it was remarkably easy.  You will get an email when a test is available, or like this one, they even gave me options as to when I could do it. They tell you up front how much your test will pay, and they pay through Paypal. If you can’t do it, they just try someone else.  Since I am just doing this on the side, I unfortunately have had to turn a few tests down. Communications with Validately are great, and they send  several emails to remind me of the appointment.  I was asked several questions, some about the product itself, and some about the functionality of the website. It took almost an hour, exactly as they said.

For this review I received a payout of $50.00.  Not bad for an hours work!   The test was administered in the late afternoon, and my account had been credited before noon the next day. I was pleasantly surprised by the quick payment. I found this test fun, and they made me feel like my input was really valuable. Just think how many websites you check out every day. Now imagine someone is paying you to do it!

I am looking forward to more tests from Validately. Their communications are great, the testing is fun, and payment is prompt.  In the future I will check out other user testing websites, and I will review those as well.

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  1. Janice | MostlyBlogging

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for telling how to make money online and bringing your post to the Pit Stop.
    Janice, Pit Stop Crew

    1. theengineersadvice (Post author)

      Thank you Janice! I plan on reviewing more sites as I try them out.

  2. Lee

    Hi, just came across Validately and am interested in getting involved. However, I am precarious about signing up with them seeing as how they require your PayPal PASSWORD in the signup procedure. Did you encounter this as part of your signup? Why do they need such sensitive details (why isn’t a PayPal email enough for the payment procedures?). Would like your thoughts on this if you had the same sign-up procedure

  3. theengineersadvice (Post author)

    Thanks for the question, Lee. When I signed up, I only needed to provide my Paypal address, but not my Paypal password. If you have any reservations with Validately, or any other site for that matter, I would just do what you think is right. You could try contacting their customer service to get an answer on why they would need your password.


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