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I just wanted to post today to talk about a money-saving program that is available to those electric customers in Illinois that have Ameren as their service provider.  Ameren offers a program called “Power Smart Pricing“.  This program allows a customer to pay electric rates per hour based on actual rates, instead of an average hourly rate.

Speaking from experience, this program could possibly save the consumer a lot of money.  I just got my notification today, and I saved $3.95 last month.  Not whopping, but better than nothing.  I see most savings in the winter when the air conditioner is not running.  I have been a member of the program for 103 months now, and have saved a total of $2,546.80.  On average, I have saved 20.3% than if I was using the standard average hourly rate.

Another benefit to the program besides just saving money is that consumers tend to shift their peak electricity usage to lower priced hours.  This can help reduce peak electricity demand, which may ease stress on the power distribution system.

The electricity rates can be checked by phone or online.  This is helpful to find peak rates when determining if you wish to shift some of your peak usage.    Setting your thermostat higher during the day can help with the electrical consumption as well.   In addition to shifting usage, I have found that replacing lights with compact fluorescent bulbs or LED bulbs has also had a significant effect on my bill.

The best way to find out if you are eligible or if changing to Power Smart Pricing is feasible, is to check their website, or give them a call.  Once you join the program, you do have to stay enrolled for 12 consecutive months.  If you wish to remain in the program, you will be re-enrolled automatically.  There is a $2.25 a month participation charge, but to me it has definitely been worth it.

I hope others are able to take advantage of this program, and I hope that there are similar programs available in other states.

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