How I Made Over $800 Dollars By Clicking a Few Buttons

So in 2017, I set out to see how much I could make in side hustles I did some research, and found several apps and websites that pay you to give your opinion, take surveys, or test websites.  I tried to keep track of my results, so I would know whether a site was worth it or not.  I didn’t put as much time into it as I should have, or I’m sure I could have made much more.  All of the website reviewing sites are first come first serve, so you have to be quick!  Sometimes you may not qualify due to demographics as well.  Most are pretty simple tasks, such as comparing to different sites for the same customer and just telling which one you like better.

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Userzoom. This has been a great side hustle.  So far with them I have made $140.  You get paid to test websites either on your android device or on desktop.  Each successful test is worth $10.  Payments are made to paypal, and they have been very quick to pay.  Some tests only take a few minutes!  This is by far my favorite web-testing site.

The second one is Validately.  They provide website testing for those needing such services.  They also occasionally hire folks to do the testing.  You can test on your desktop, or you can also test on android devices.  Of course, the more ways you decide to test, the better.  I earned $85 with this site.  My first test alone netted me $50.  They pay pretty quick, right into your paypal.  When you are notified of a test, you need to jump on the opportunity pretty quick, as they are first come, first served.

WhatUsersDo is another pretty good site.  I have completed four tests, at $5 per test.  Testing can be on PC, smartphones, or tablets.  Not many opportunities, but the pay is predictable.  They process payments on the 25th of each month (excluding UK weekends and public holidays) for any tests carried out, and accepted by them for the preceding month, and pay with paypal.

Userlytics This is another website testing service.  So far I have only completed one test for $10.  Payment was prompt, and I just wish they had more opportunities.

Testing Time This has been a bit of a disappointment.  There have hardly been any opportunities, and I have only made a total of $3.07.

Enroll I have made a whopping $2.60 with this site.  It usually revolves around single questions worth about $0.10 per question, with the occasional $0.25 bonus.  If there were more questions, it would certainly add up, but that has not been the case.


VIP Voice You will either love or hate this site.  You earn points on surveys, and then you can ‘bid’ on items, including cash payouts.  Through quite a bit of effort I was able to turn my points into $70.  I probably went through more trouble than I should have to try my luck at the auctions, but I was determined to get something out of my hard earned points!  $25 of the total was through an online diary of snacks and meals that lasted a week.  It was tedious filling it out, but they paid the $25 soon after the diary was complete.

Harris Poll Online.  This has been a pretty consistent survey taking site.  You can take surveys online, or download their app.  I made $50 on this one, paid out as a Walmart gift card.  Links to several surveys per day are sent to your email.  You may not qualify for all of them, but I was pleased with this particular site.

I-SAY This is a pretty good survey site.  I qualified for maybe 30% of the surveys, but they give plenty of opportunities. I was able to earn a $50 Amazon gift card on this site.

Survey Savvy This site does not have a ton of opportunities, but they are usually short (between 5 and 20 minutes), and pay between $0.50 and $5.00.  I earned about $35 with this one.  They also pay for referrals, so if you do decide to give it a try, I would appreciate using my referral link here.

Paidviewpoint I have made $15.09 with this site.  They ask usually 10 short questions that are worth a total of $0.10.  The surveys are fairly consistent, so the cash can add up.  They also work on referrals, and my link is here.


Inbox Dollars This site has many ways to earn.  Right off the bat there is a $5 sign up bonus.  You can earn money from taking surveys.  Sometimes you may spend 10 minutes or more filling out a survey then get ‘I’m sorry you do not qualify for this survey.’  You do, however, get ‘spins’ for surveys you did not qualify for.  These spins may land you on $, sweeps, or nothing. (mostly sweeps it seems).  Sweeps can be used to try for gift card drawings.  For instance, you may spend 25 sweeps to try to get a $25 Target gift card.  I’ve never won at a ‘sweep’ yet.  You can make money by signing up for ‘offers’ that may be magazines, credit cards, etc.  So the $2 you may make for signing up, may be wiped out by whatever it is you are signing up for.  Paid emails are another way to earn.  You may get $.01 for reading a paid email, which I get about twice a day.  These emails then lead to more offers or surveys.   You can also make money by downloading apps and trying them out.  I have not done this, because you are opening yourself to a flood of spam.  You may have to download, and play a level before you get credit.  Search is another way to earn.  You get credit for up to 4 searches a day, 4 times a week.  You can watch videos, which may be short ads for apps.  Basically you are watching commercials.   You get cash and sweeps.  You get  a few extra sweeps for 10, 25 and 50 videos watched.   Not a bad way to earn if you are on the treadmill or otherwise killing time.   The minimum payout for this app is $30, and I was able to get $47.64.

Swagbucks  This seems to be one of the original apps for earning extra cash. This app has tons of ways to earn money.  Not just through the app, but on the website as well.  You earn ‘swagbucks (SB)’ for all kinds of things.  You can earn through searches, surveys, watching videos, and shopping.  You may get notifications that Swagcodes are available, that you can input.  Swag codes are usually worth 3 SB, but I have received up to 40 before.  If you do not qualify for a survey, you get SB.   Watching videos can be a little tedious.  For instance, you may get 3 SB for watching 50 minutes of videos, then the video crashes at 40 minutes.  There is no partial credit, you just wasted 40 minutes.  But if it works, just click on the video then let it run while you carry on with other tasks.    You can get your SB redeemed in a ton of different ways, from gift cards to donations.  Payouts can be made starting at $5, and sometimes there are ‘sales’.  For example you may get a $25 gift card for 2200 SB instead of the usual 2500.   There is a separate app called Swagbucks TV that you can watch trailers on and earn SB, but so far SBTV has been a little buggy for me.  I made $40 with Swagbucks, paid out as Amazon e-gift cards.   This is my referral link.

Checkpoints I have done a more in-depth review of this app as well as a few of the other apps here.  Overall I’m pleased with this app, and have made a total of $30, $25 as an Amazon gift card, and $5 into my Paypal account.

Pointclub.  This one was disappointing.  It started out good, including a signup bonus of $5.  But I gave up after a while due to difficulty in getting paid, and the inconsistency in the way the daily streak adds up.  You can read my entire review here.  I did manage $25 into my Paypal before I gave up.

MyPoints.  This one is very promising, with tons of ways to earn.  In some ways, it is a lot like Swagbucks.  You can earn points through surveys, shopping, and a ‘daily 5’ that includes checking out websites, coupons, and taking surveys.  I’ve only done this one for about 6 months, but I did manage to get a $10 Amazon card.  The coupons are good, some with a few dollars off of every day items.  You get points for printing them out, and points later when they are redeemed.


There are a few apps that you actually have to work for.  Horrible I know.  Slice the Pie is one of these.  You can review clothes, cell phone accessories, and music.  Each review only takes a minute or two and pays between $0.08 and $0.21.  Not huge, but if you put some time into it, you can make a few dollars.  I did NOT put much time into it, and managed $7.14.  With more effort, I’m sure I could have banked more.  I would appreciate using my referral link.

Microsoft.  Yes, can you believe Bill has a few dollars to spare?  By clicking on some headlines, doing searches, and playing trivia, you can earn points.  I’ve put a dent in the Gates’ life savings to the tune of $5.  Not bad for a few seconds effort.

Slidejoy. This is probably the easiest app to use.  It replaces your lock screen with an ad.  Each swipe is worth a carat, and every 1000 carats is worth about a dollar.  You would be surprised how many times a day you swipe your screen to unlock it.  The carats can be redeemed at Paypal, or for gift cards at several retailers.  You can also donate your carats Minimum payout on this on is $2.  The carats have to sit in you account for a month, but it shows a total vs. those payable.  I’ve made about $5 so far with this app.  This is my referral code.


The last segment here are apps that give you cash back for shopping.  The National Consumer Panel or NCP  has earned me $50 so far.  You scan every item you purchase.  Yes, time consuming, but I don’t mind.  You earn points that can be used to different items, or gift cards. At first they send you a scanner.  If you do a good job, and prove you are serious, they will give you a link to the app that can be used on your phone. I have also been chosen to try out a few ‘secret’ items.  They send you an item, you try it out, and tell what you thought of it.  Pretty cool.

Ibotta.  This one has been around a while.  Find something that has a rebate on the app, scan it, get money.  Pretty simple.  I made $75 with Ibotta this past year. Thanks in advance for checking out my referral link.

Walmart Savings Catcher.  This is part of the Walmart app.  Scan your Walmart receipt, and it will compare prices to nearby stores.  Any difference in items will be ‘caught’ and added to your account.  They used to pay out in gift cards, or egift cards, but now it just goes directly into Walmart pay.  Not a big deal since EVERYONE shops at Walmart, right? I managed to get back $36.64 with the Savings Catcher.

Receipt Hog scans your receipts, which earns you coins.  The receipts that count are for grocery items, health items, beauty products and more.  You get spins for clothing stores, home improvement stores, electronic stores, sporting goods stores and more.  Spins can earn you extra coins.  You also get spins my moving up levels, which is based on how many total weeks you are feeding your hog.  By connecting with your Amazon account, you can earn bonus coins.  Prizes can be redeemed through Paypal, or Amazon.  1000 coins = $5, so it takes a while to earn. I did manage a $25 Amazon e-gift card with this one.

Ebates.  This is a great site if you do any amount of online shopping.  Put in the name of the store, and it will show you if there is any cash back.  Payments are sent out as a ‘Big Fat Check’.  I got $22.39 back with Ebates.  My referral link is here.

I hope this have been helpful, and that you can save a few bucks. Nothing here will make you rich, but having several hundred extra dollars isn’t too bad!  Some sites may be more ‘efficient’ than others at earning, so you will have to mess around with them and find out what gets you your maximum cash back.  Good Luck!



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  1. Betty Asphy

    I like MyPoints. I have earned several gift cards from them over the years.

    1. theengineersadvice (Post author)

      Thanks for stopping by Betty. Glad you are having good luck with them.


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