pointclub, app, review

Pointclub is just one of many money-making, survey taking apps out there.  You take surveys, and are awarded points which can be used towards Paypal e-gift cards.

There are tons of apps/sites out there in which you start to take a survey, answer several questions, and then all of the sudden, you are not qualified for the survey.  The good thing about Pointclub is that even if you do not qualify, you are awarded 12 points. You aren’t going to pile up serious points this way, but at least you are awarded something for trying.  You can get the 12 points for not qualifying up to five times in one day.

Another unique thing about Pointclub, is that every day you log in, you get credit for a ‘streak’.  The longer your streak, the higher your rewards will be on surveys.  This is a great concept; if it worked.  I noticed once after a 60 day streak, that the next day, my streak went down to 35; i thought maybe it was just a fluke.  But since then, I had a streak of 105 that went down to 58, and as recently as last week, I had a streak of 65 go down to 15.

Cashing out of Pointclub is very simple.  You can request payment for a Paypal e-gift card when your points get up to 25,000 ($25).  I requested a payout over a month ago, and I did not have a great experience.  After two weeks, I emailed them and they said there had been delays in processing. The very next day it showed -25,000 points from my account.  Over the next two weeks I periodically checked my Paypal account.  Nothing.  I again emailed them. The next day I got a $25 credit in my Paypal account.

Stay, or move on?

I’m still not sure if Pointclub is worth my time or not.  Like any survey site, you will not qualify for a LOT of surveys.  I”m probably about 10% on my success rate, but at least you get some points for not qualifying.  I don’t know if my payout experience was typical, or if you have to beg for your money every time.  I may give this one a shot until my next payout and see how it goes.  At least they have been quick to answer my e-mail questions about the payouts.  If I run into the same issues the next time I am eligible for a payout, and if my ‘streak’ keeps disappearing, there are many other survey sites out there worth trying.

UPDATE: 10/13/17

Well, in the last week alone, my ‘streak’ has went down to 15, and then this morning, it is down to 5!!  After these two most recent issues, I think I am giving up on Point Club, and moving on to other apps.  There are still several I am trying, and will update on those soon.